Certification of Surgical Spine Centre of Excellence (SSCoE)

The EUROSPINE Surgical Spine Centre of Excellence is a certification programme for spine surgical centres in hospitals throughout Europe, developed in 2017-18 in collaboration of EUROSPINE, the EUROSPINE Foundation (ESF) and a Task Force of leading individual members of the international spine community.

The European community seeks to promote excellence in health care across all member states, in spite of differences in the various national health care systems.  The purpose of the SSCoE programme is to audit and certify the implementation of services that advance spine surgery and spine care as a whole, thereby enhancing treatment quality in spine surgery and providing guidance for patients with spinal disorders.

An SSCoE is an integrated multidisciplinary team of spine care professionals that truly collaborate and use standardised clinical protocols and business processes to deliver best practices in operative spine care.  This “patient-centric” approach delivers continuous improvement in patient safety, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction, while at the same time creating greater value and satisfaction for employees and other stakeholders.

To qualify forcertification, the spine centre must be a highly specialised institution with exceptional equipment, highly-qualified personnel, experience and competence in its field.  Centres must meet strict requirements, from specialising in spine health, performing a minimum number of spine surgeries each year and leading regular, structured education sessions to implementing quality control mechanisms. 

Hospitals and clinics can register for the procedure and then complete the checklist based on the catalogue of criteria. This forms the basis of the on-site audit, which is carried out by an certification company. With the guidelines for certification, every applicant has a clear catalogue with quantitative and qualitative requirements at hand. 

The issuing body of the certification procedure EUROSPINE Surgical Spine Centre of Excellence is EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe.

EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe
Seefeldstrasse 16
8610 Uster

1. information sheet - offer preparation

Please register with an e-mail and password. Use the online form to enter all necessary data and send it to us. After sending us your information sheet, you will usually receive your offer within 3-5 days. After submitting your application we can reserve the desired dates for you. Please return both order forms signed. For further information or questions regarding the cost estimate or the certification procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From now on you have access to your audit cockpit via the login function [see header of our website].

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly on +49 911-239802-10 or

2. order and online checklist

Immediately after receipt of your signed order, we activate the online checklist in your audit cockpit. You can now enter the structural data of your spine center. Please note that you must upload selected documents at the end of the online checklist.

3. audit preparation - scheduling

After successful evaluation of the online checklist, we select the appropriate expert for you. He will then contact you personally to discuss the further procedure and scheduling.


4. on-site audit

On the certification day, your expert will audit your facility according to the audit plan. The evaluation basis of the audit is the catalogue of criteria of Eurospine. After the audit has been carried out on site, the expert recommends the issue of a certificate and prepares a final audit report. If findings are made during the audit, they are discussed and documented directly in the audit. These documents are checked and approved by the certification committee of CERT iQ GmbH.

Certificate - Logo - Seal

After you have checked and approved the certificate, it will be printed, signed and sent to you. In your audit cockpit you will find certification marks and symbols for the Download, which you can use for your purposes, e.g. stationery etc. The initial or recertification procedure is now complete.


CERT iQ Zertifizierungsdienstleistungen GmbH
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